Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 25, 2010

A lesson in Gratitude- know there are those times when you realize things about yourself that you know have been there for way too long and you are really surprised (and quite possibly a bit ashamed) that it went on as long as it has and you did not address it.

Well my lovely readers, I would like to present the case that I am not someone who takes moments to realize that even though I tend to hit melancholy pretty easily there are things in my life that are "hella-good" and I would like to take the time to address them, if I may, be they trivial or serious.


Ashley-My friend, we knew we would be fast friends when way long ago I was wearing a black W.W.J.D. bracelet and you said "who wants jack daniels?" and I said "Let's be friends." but beyond that you have always been the person who will hold that mirror to my face and say "look". Thanks for keeping me real. Thanks for keeping me looking fresh too (even when I dont want to be) forealsies

Katie-I could devote an entire book to you my darling. I am thankful for my life being quite different because of you, and I am thankful for enough stories to use as life lessons for our kids that I will need on a wide array of topics :). Favorites for life.

Beth-Just thank you for being you. I need more of you in my life.

Jacob-Thank you for listening and giving your thoughts on my ideas. I also need more of you in my life.

Robin-I still cannot believe you liked Mirrors. And Im glad that even though we dont agree on much we still can be friends. Also, Alisan Porter to Matrix....go

I am thankful for:
-Finding my faith again.
-Dogs- Current and future and all in between.
-The bunny rabbit party I totally busted up in my driveway when I was coming home from work.
-A cool brother.
-A loving family.
-Zooey Deschanel.
-Rob Bell.
-The Smiths.
-Nelson Mandella.
-President Barack Obama.
-Construction paper. (you would have to see the walls around my house to get that one.
-Bible Study.
-Good food.
-Christian Radio
...and many more things.

Well on that note I am going to go read and go to bed.

Keep it real kids.

Love you.

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  1. Try something harder, silly boy! Alisan Porter was in Parenthood with Keaneu Reeves who is Neo!!!! ONE STEP!!

    You know I love you and I support you in anything you do on your quest to find who Robby is.